Roger Snipes

Health & wellness

The term health is so vague and can be confusing. Many people have different understandings of it. Some people believe if you have visible abdominals then that is a signature of health. Some believe if you exercise regularly then that means health. Some would say that the right type of food is the real answer to health. Some would even say your mindset is the control panel of your emotions so that determines your health.

The human body is a complex biological system with trillions of cells. Trying to find the answer through one avenue will prove unsuccessful because there are many variations of things to think about. Genetics, blood type, allergies / intolerances, microbiome, spiritual, seasons, sex, hormones, predispositions, age, environmental, chronotype. This is just to name a few.

Taking a wellness view of health is the difference between fishing with a net or fishing with a spear. wellness is both preventive and holistic. It takes a real natural approach and is significantly influenced by the physical, social and cultural environments in which we live.  Utilising wellness in the modern-day will have you spending less time in the medicine cabinet and taking barefoot walks in your garden on the riverbank. 

Roger Snipes