Roger Snipes

The Mind Technician

When I look back to where I started it still surprises me that I’m the person who has lived the journey. My own two feet has created the footprints which others can use as navigation.

The interesting thing about building happiness in your life is while its happening you only see the short sighted results even when you have a wide angle vision. When you look at the accumulative years you soon realise the emotional tidal waves you’ve overcome because of mental agility.

Happiness doesn’t have to be in your job or business only as you know. Its can be internal happiness or the relationships which you have. Have you ever asked someone “How are you?” and they say “Not too bad” then they start to talk about their job or business? They work their way around to mention the kids, then the spouse and if they haven’t forgotten they may talk about themselves. Interesting when you asked them how they were.

Learning to develop the right mindset takes structural understanding and high frequency vibration energy. Just like furniture in a home you don’t need everything all in one go. Just a few fundamentals and then you can build on it from there. With most people they decide to learn something and they want all answers yesterday. If they can’t achieve it with no mistakes it’s a failure in their eyes and they stop. The truth is “failing to fail is failure” its all part of the process.

Its said “If you don’t have an idea of where you are going then any road will take you there”

Building the right mindset gives you a sense of purpose and direction. You develop emotional intelligence and in affect build more resilience to stress.

I’ve written a book called ‘Your Mind Builds Your Body’ The mind alone can raise your core temperature, change your hormonal responses or put you in a state of tranquillity.

Have you ever been eating food and then someone tells you some disturbing news that you end up losing your appetite? It doesn’t matter how hungry you were you simply cannot eat a single bite more. Like a break up, the thought of food is the least of your concerns. In fact your body has other plans. Your heart beats faster and you may even want to visit the bathroom. Your meal time just got shut down because of a thought process in your mind. Interesting and powerful.

Many people find themselves in a gridlock with life. Purpose becomes bleak, strength becomes timid so sense of direction is like a satnav with no signal. They’re trying to find their way but become more lost the further they go

My goal is to help others find their inner power. Help them to regain focus, worth and purpose.

Sometimes our lens to view the world becomes a little smudged or tainted. So we need it cleaned or replaced all together.

Roger Snipes


Roger Snipes

Why do clients choose to have a coach?

  • Define their dreams and set actions in motion to achieve them.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by decision making and get their life under control.
  • Identify and work through the obstacles standing between them and their dreams.
  • Develop their self-confidence and create positive habits.
  • Eliminating self-limiting beliefs
  • Build positive relationships and improve their communication skills.
  • Forming new healthy habits to change their life
  • Learn the importance of prioritising their goals and take responsibility for their direction.
  • Developing a phenomenal mindset and outlook for their life and themselves.
  • Believe they can become the person they know they should be.
  • To become limitless in everything they do.
  • Summery from each session from Roger Snipes
  • I'm excited to give people the opportunity to live a optimized life. I believe its our birthright to live this way and nothing less.
  • Having the fundamentals in place for a more robust mindset and emotional intelligence. Making more informed decisions regarding
  • your career by aiming high. Being more attractive to your potential partners and finding love or improve your current relationships. Goal setting
  • for high success and achieving them. Understanding high vibration foods for a better mind and body. My goal is to make you an amazing human.